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Fiber Application Terms and Conditions

1) You must select and retain Chazy Westport Communications as your telephone provider and local telephone
service is required for full term when choosing Step 1 or Step 2 options above. Plan includes domestic direct dialed
calls to anywhere in the Continental U.S. Customers with an outstanding balance past 60 days or more are not
eligible. Telephone line charge, taxes and other fees apply. Additional terms and conditions apply.

2) All rates listed above are subject to change without notice and are contracted rates only. In order to receive
bundled discount, user must maintain all bundled services required and agree to an available term option. Rates
vary by region and are residential rates only.

3) I may be charged additional fees involved in disconnection or account changes including $299 penalty, as well as
retroactive reimbursement for discounted rates. My signature verifies that I have read and agree to the Chazy
Westport Communications online Terms and Conditions as well as the terms stated here.

*Upgrade to Fiber Fee $49.00 up to 300’ and up to $249 if over 300′